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Breathe in, breathe out

“I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” — Margaret Thatcher

Returned to my midwives’ office today.  And for the first time in three appointments, I didn’t come home and curl up in a ball in bed and cry.  It was kind of a good feeling.  Still no baby, but much better news.

She told me why we are delaying induction until 39 weeks.  Apparently, the March of Dimes has made it quite difficult to induce before then, for any reason.  For an early induction, they would have to go in front of a board at the hospital to prove necessity.  So we have to wait and see if I go on my own before then.  But she said there is no way I will go past my due date.  I probably won’t even go much past 39 weeks.  So that was a huge relief. 

I also had a non-stress test.  Which was actually super stressful.  The machine was just not picking up his heartbeat consistently enough to read the accelerations that were supposed to be there.  I ended up very concerned because she mentioned that we needed three accels in 20 minutes to show that there were no cardio or neuro problems with the baby.  Coming home and doing some research on my own, I discovered that a nonreactive stress test doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong.  It could be that the baby is sleeping or just not being very active.  No big deal.  Did find out that he is lying posterior and facing up which explains why my lower back has been hurting so bad.  Might lead to back labor but bring on the epidural for that!

I get to redo my lab work for preeclampsia AGAIN.  Another 24 hour urine collection (which if you have never done, I highly recommend avoiding because it is a pain in the ass) and more blood work.  Hopefully for the last time this pregnancy.

She also recommended that on Friday (37 weeks!  Full term!) I start taking evening primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea to start trying to jump start.  Which I am so ready to do. 

I feel better with the stuff that went down today.  Finally feeling like I am getting somewhere.  and I am so ready.  I want my Baby Boy to be here!!!

24 days to go!

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” — Aristotle